Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Painting the Cardinal in the Dogwood or in the Snow!

Mom and son painted the same thing
 Although I posted a collage of these painters in an earlier post, I wanted to show better photos!

So this group came together the other day and enjoyed one of our "Choice" classes! It's been popular-you choose which of the paintings you would like to paint.
So we had some Moms and sons, families and friends spend two hours in the Art Zone and the results were fabulous! 

Mom and son did it differently!
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Friends painted
Friends painted!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Wow-ADULT ART CAMP! It's about time!

Grownups Art Camp May 9 from 10-3!

 In our summer camps out here in the country our kids have a blast every summer!  Last summer they got dirty, played outside, played games, ran through water streams from the hoses, created loads and loads of art, loved on the ponies and the dogs, picked blackberries, ran through the secret trails, collected eggs, climbed the trees and in general, just had kid fun.Take a look below!

A few scenes from one of our summer art camps!

But as the parents said, "Why should the kids have all the fun?" Yep-that's what we thought too!
So we decided to have a 1 day "ArtEscape" camp just for the grownups on the Saturday before Mother's Day-May 9 from 10:00-3:00. No one under 21 simply because you can BYOB AND it's your adult summer/spring camp experience! It's only $45.00 per person-dress to mess, bring a sketch pad and a bagged lunch (with your favorite beverage) We supply all the rest! Oh and if you want to BYOB-feel free!

Our second, little studio will be open and the new deck is perfect for the grownup kind of relaxation...so maybe you don't want to climb a tree, but the trails are fun, the roses will be in bloom and we'll work on several amazing indoor and outdoor art projects! 


Don't miss out!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Community College Art Students!

Our classes at Art Student Academy accommodate ALL  ages-and we have a ball!

My Art Enrichment class is at the Vance County Community College and I have a dedicated evening class of participants :-)
So our most recent class was a mixed bag of subjects although everyone had acrylic paints!
Check out the examples of what they created below-Their homework? Practice blending! Wet on wet acrylics blend well if you work quickly and let the wet paint do all the work!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Getting the Creative Juices going!

Our January after school classes are back in session, the evening class at Vance Granville Community College has started and both track out and summer camp weeks are up!

It's not hard to find inspiration to paint COLD when it is in the teens outside!

And it's not hard to think spring when it's in the teens outside! Add a beautiful cardinal and you have a stunning painting for these beginners.

THe VGCC had a great turn out on a frigid night but 4 newbies came with no supplies-so....we made do with some gathered oil pastels and they had a blast! (hey all ages love this Op Art!)

And finally inspiration comes in spades-art outside and in!

A Track out camp in Feb, March, April and May!



Outdoor fun makes for happy artists!

And of course art, art and more art!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Creativity with Crayons

Creativity with Crayons

From my "ArtsyJourneys" blog!

If you think that crayons are just for "coloring" you are partially right! But see what happens when you challenge a teen art class to take simple perspective a few steps beyond the basics and apply what they learned about shading techniques using paper, a pencil and crayons! Wondrous results!

 Shading and highlighting the contour shapes makes the piece seem to undulate on its own!

Crayons, used in this manner, are a simple, cheap and effective art tool for all ages!

Highlights are the white of the paper, uncolored!

Draw the pencil perimeter first, add the contour lines, then enhance with shading

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Painting the Moon over the River

There is something about painting that soothes the soul-and it works well with the after school teens in my class! I manged to get one photo of their painting "Moon over the River" before the battery died in my camera but their results were lovely!

The teens hard at work!
Working from an example I had propped up, they learned to paint the entire background first then bring their dark trees into the painting-a brave thing for kids already happy with their moons and sunsets! We try hard to get past their fear of "messing it up!"

 closer view of one created in an earlier class

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Art for the kids and the adults!

I'm not sure what happened to the summer but it's gone, schools are in session and I am behind! :-)

The summer camps were fabulous! Lots of kids, lots of activities, lots of outdoor time as well! We studied the fabulous painting "The Berry Pickers" by Winslow Homer and then commenced to pick berries ourselves.  Of course I think his Maine children were picking blueberries whereas we carefully picked blackberries!

"The Berry Pickers" by Winslow Homer
The Berry Pickers with Art Student Academy!

Our after school classes in Wake Forest began Sept 3 and we have classes for 7-10 and 11 up this year. Info is on our site at:  http://www.artstudentacademy.com/After-School-Classes.html

Wed Sept 17 is a super class for all ages where from 6:00-8:00 we'll be painting VanGogh's rendition of Sunflowers!  Of course you can also paint your own rendition.  It's all here:  http://www.artstudentacademy.com/Van-Gogh-Sunflower.html

It should be a GREAT class! Stay tuned :-)